Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Classy French-style Tatty Chic Furniture

That’s pretty normal... anybody can perceive the shabby chic furniture in a wrong way! By its name, shabby chic furniture can easily be perceived as a tatty old item of furniture that should better be replaced by a new piece... but that is just contrary to the fact! It is actually a unique style of furniture that sums up the well-loved and well-aged look. It is also a very attractive and sedative style of interior decoration that is capable of making your dwelling look amazingly ardent and welcoming to your honorable guests. You might have heard that old saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” that exactly is the case with this type of furniture. This is truly a unique style of furnishing... I don’t think all of us are going to prefer it for our dwellings!

What you must know is that the shabby chic furniture is not for you if you are a big admirer of the fashionable style of interior decoration. It is actually chosen by people who desire the most exclusive kitsch or the country cottage style. The contemporary style of furniture has a neat look... having clean lines, with no frills and no fuss. On the other hand, shabby chic furniture gives a historical deep-rooted appearance... as if each and every piece of furniture is from past and has a story associated with it.

One thing to look for is French shabby chic furniture, either secondhand items that have an age-distressed and damaged characteristic, or imitation French style furniture that has been falsely distressed and given a couple of coats of paint. Chairs, tables, armoires, and French beds capture the true essence of shabby chic furniture. These are the lovely items of furniture that strive to be just the same as the particular classic French sophistication. Though, shabby chic furniture is often found in the market in white color that gives it a clinical and a little womanly look, but you can also find it in other pastel tones like eggshell blue, mint green, and mauve.

This type of shabby chic furniture has another benefit. If you ever desired to change the tone of your furniture, you could just strip off the paint of your distressed looking furniture. This way you can reinstate the original wooden look of all your chairs, tables, French beds, and armoires. In order to convert your “shabby” furniture into classic item of French style furniture, you can give it a couple of fine coats of varnish. This extraordinary style of furniture that will definitely complement more or less any alternative look you picked.

You can then add some finishing touches to make the theme complete, once you are done with finding the shabby chic furniture that your heart desire. Select soft furnishings that have a country cottage look; cottons and linens that appear a little tainted by use, or pillows have colorful flowery prints - which would look fantastic beautifying your shabby style French bed. Attractive arrangements of flowers, cute chandeliers, and French mirrors are considered the best way to create a homely feel by bringing out your adorable shabby chic furniture.

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  1. Compliments on a nicely written post. Ont thing to keep in mind if you are looking for second hand furniture to paint is to get furniture that has good bones, i.e shape and carvings which give it character. When you paint and old yet beautiful piece of furniture you give it new life.

    The ethos of shabby chic is to make do and mend.